Sarine Opening Allegro Service Center in Jaipur

Jaipur: Sarine Technologies Ltd has announced the opening of its first Allegro™ service center in Jaipur, India. The system provides automated gemstone planning and shaping services.

The Allegro™ was developed by Galatea Ltd, Sarine’s wholly-owned subsidiary. The system provides automated, highly accurate evaluation, planning and precise shaping of rough gemstones. Using 3D laser mapping technology, it  measures the rough gem and calculates a range of cutting plans based on pre-defined shapes, sizes and parameterized preferences and can produce virtually identical stones at micron-level accuracy.

“The launch of the Allegro™ marks an exciting milestone for Sarine,” said CEO Uzi Levami.

“We are delighted to be applying our automated rough planning expertise with advanced 3D-shaping optimization for the benefit of the gemstone manufacturing industry. We are excited by the opportunity to be partnering with gemstone manufacturers worldwide to enhance the gemstone production process, as we have done for the midstream diamond industry.”

The service center, which will be operated by Sarine Group’s Indian subsidiary, will open in mid-November, immediately following the holiday of Diwali.

Sarine plans to offer Allegro™ services in additional locations in Asia and South America in 2016.