Rio’s Australian Diamonds Prog. Launched in China

rio_tinto_logoBeijing: Rio Tinto has launched its Australian Diamonds™ programme in China, to lend further market support to its Argyle diamonds and in response to the growing consumer and trade interest in diamond provenance.

“Increasingly the value of a diamond is tied to where and how the diamond was mined, how it was cut and polished and the process of bringing it to sale,” said general manager of marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds, Bruno Sane.

“This is a very reasonable expectation that is steadily reshaping the diamond industry for the better.” Rio Tinto has been a first mover in this regard and has confirmed that from 2016 all of its global marketing activities will be focused on diamonds and jewellery collections that are tracked from the source and have a clear and transparent supply chain.

Rita Maltez, director of Rio Tinto Diamonds for Greater China said “Diamonds from Australia promise a deep authenticity, which for Chinese consumers is as desirable as our diamonds.

Over the past five years we have seen how Argyle diamonds inspire and inform the emerging Chinese diamond fashion jewellery market, from designers, through to retailers and ultimately consumers. I am delighted to be able to present this new programme which is all about providing consumer confidence and encapsulating the essence of the birthplace of Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamonds – rugged landscapes, a rich heritage and raw luxury distilled into beautiful jewellery.”

Rio Tinto’s proprietary ‘chain of custody’ system has been developed with authorised diamond and                                 jewellery manufacturers and retailers and will be independently audited. Authorised suppliers and retailers have access to a trademark and a suite of marketing materials including a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany jewellery that passes through the system.