Rio Tinto Unveils A$6 mln. Argyle Pink Diamonds Ring

Perth: Rio Tinto has unveiled its first significant Argyle Pink DiamondsTM jewellery piece since the closure of the iconic Argyle mine in Western Australia: the A$6 million Argyle RomanticaTM ring, handcrafted with 3.42 carats of rare pink, red and blue diamonds from the mine.

The Argyle RomanticaTM is the first piece produced under the Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon PartnerTM program, which is part of a strategy to protect the provenance of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM.

The significance of Argyle RomanticaTM lies in the union of five exceptional Argyle Pink DiamondsTM, totalling 2.31 carats in weight, including a 0.75 carat Fancy Red diamond, two Fancy Vivid Purplish-Pink diamonds and two Fancy Deep Pink diamonds. The five hero red and pink diamonds are showcased in an intricate setting that includes 1.11 carats of smaller blue and pink Argyle diamonds.

Created by Singapore-based rare gem specialist John Glajz, the Argyle RomanticaTM pays tribute to the full range of romantic hues of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM and the infinite beauty and mystique of these cherished gems.

John Glajz said said, “Encapsulating a rich history and extraordinary provenance, the Argyle RomanticaTM is a piece of art and an heirloom for tomorrow.”

John is one of two Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon PartnersTM appointed by Rio Tinto in June 2022, following its decision to retain and support the Argyle Pink Diamonds brand beyond the November 2020 closure of the Argyle mine. Rio Tinto is collaborating with each Icon Partner to feature its final supply of polished Argyle Pink DiamondsTM in one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, as well as limited edition collections, that are in keeping with the rarity, beauty and collectability of these outstanding jewels.

Rio Tinto Minerals Chief Executive Sinead Kaufman said “I am delighted with this latest creative collaboration that captures the mesmerising beauty and potency of colour of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM. Welook forward to continuing to work with our downstream strategic partners to create new masterpieces that support the legacy of this iconic Australian brand.”

The secondary market for Argyle Pink DiamondsTM comprises jewels from almost four decades of production and requires careful management to preserve the provenance of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM and to continue the legacy of careful custody that underscores its rarity and value appreciation.

In support of this work, Rio Tinto is introducing a broadened recertification service, a concierge trading platform for certified diamonds and a new Beyond RareTM Tender platform for special sales events, in mm addition to the Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon PartnerTM program.

The Argyle RomanticaTM will be showcased in Sydney and offered for sale through trusted Argyle Pink Diamonds Select AtelierTM, J. Farren Price as part of their 80th anniversary celebrations.