Registration for IDW Surpasses 300

IsdeRamat Gan: Registration of foreign buyers for the upcoming winter edition of the International Diamond Week (IDW) in Israel has surpassed the 300 mark and is expected to rise well beyond 400 ahead of the opening of the five-day event on February 8, the IDW Organizing Committee announced.

“We have surpassed the 300 mark and ultimately expect to welcome more than 400 buyers from abroad on the trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange,” said Moti Fluk, Head of the IDW Organizing Committee. “As with previous editions of the event, registration continues in a steady flow and experience has taught us that this will c0ntimue until just days before the IDW opens. We will be welcoming buyers from 24 countries, such as the USA, Russia, Belgium, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey Japan, India, China and Hong Kong, and many others.”

One of the highlights of the International Diamond Week will be the presentation of a small diamond-industry technology and software exhibit that will run from Monday February 9 to 12. Named DiamTech, the exhibit will be staged in the lobby of the Diamond Tower, close to the entrance to the entrance of the rough diamond trading hall. Among the exhibitors will be the IDW’s major sponsor Segoma Imaging Technologies, Sarine Technologies, DiaCam360, by Shirtal Diamonds, Diamining, and EasyStock, Diamond and Jewelry E-Commerce Solutions.

“This is also a great and fitting opportunity to showcase Israel as a leader in diamond production planning, manufacturing and trading technology and software,” said Israel Diamond Exchange President Shmuel Schnitzer. “Our industry is continuously investing in technological advancement, with the purpose of remaining competitive in an ever changing market. With many hundreds of colleagues and buyers from abroad on the floor, this is just the time and place to show the developments,” Schnitzer said.