Pure Value Guarantee Program by PGD

Las Vegas: Pure Grown Diamonds (PGD), the leading distributor of Lab-Grown Diamonds announced the Pure Value Guarantee Program for all its customers.

The program is aimed at assuring our retailers that they can buy Pure Grown Diamonds with confidence, and offer the same value proposition that they would with a mined Diamond to all their customers. You can sell a Pure Grown Diamond and offer returns or trade-ups, and be assured that Pure Grown Diamonds will stand behind the value of its diamond offering. This will   allow Pure Grown Diamond retailers to buy and sell with confidence.

“We are very excited about the Pure Value Guarantee program, as it will instill confidence in ever retailer that buys and sells Pure Grown Diamonds,” said Suraj Mehta, Director, Pure Grown Diamonds. “This will ensure that our retailers can offer Pure Grown Diamonds supported by a diamond value promise that their customers expect. They can offer important services like upgrades to further the consumer’s trust in the value of Pure Grown Diamonds.”

“Diamonds have always been considered as a store of value, and lab-grown diamonds are no different. The Pure Value Guarantee underscores this fact.

“We are looking forward to meeting all our customers at JCK, and explaining how the Pure Value Guarantee will support their sales of Pure Grown Diamonds as an important and profitable part of their diamond offering to consumers.” added Mr. Mehta.