Portuguese Co. Makes First Export of Diamonds

Lisbon: Portuguese company Portdiamonds / Numerplatina Ida has announced its first-ever export of rough diamonds with Kimberley Process (KP) certificates to Dubai. The Lisbon-based rough diamond trading company, which has been operating for more than four years, exported the KP-approved diamonds to AIC Diamonds which is a member of the Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre, and will be exporting rough diamonds on a regular basis.

Portdiamonds / Numerplatina Ida CEO Vitor Rita said the diamonds exported to Dubai are from Sierra Leone, and the company will be receiving 500 carats of gem-quality rough stones every month for sale to clients in all the main diamond trading centers. The firm will carry out its next export of a parcel of diamonds next week.

“Lisbon was the first diamond trading capital of the New World more than 500 years ago when diamonds were brought here for sale throughout Europe. In the last 20 years we took a step backwards, but now we are back in a powerful way,” Vitor Rita commented. “We Portuguese are proud of our diamond history and heritage and have kept it alive in our hearts, and now we are going to be back again as an important and growing diamond center.

“We are delighted to send the first-ever parcel of Kimberley Process approved diamonds from Lisbon to Dubai. We believe this will be the first of many diamonds to be exported by Portdiamonds / Numerplatina Ida. We are an experienced diamond trading company with first-hand sources at many African diamond mines which gives us a great advantage in being able to provide clients with a consistent and reliable supply of a wide range of rough stones. We look forward to expanding our client base and the volume of high-quality diamonds we export,” Vitor Rita added.