Popley Group Collaborates with FICCI FLO

Mumbai: Popley Group, a pioneer in luxury jewellery and lifestyle in India & Middle East for over 88 years has taken a step towards women empowerment under the auspices of FICCI FLO for their ceremony on changing of guards.

FICCI Ladies Organization, (FLO) is the women wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) FLO represents over 4000 women entrepreneurs and professionals. FLO has marked itself with a tag of having experience over 33 years & it has been promoting its purpose of entrepreneurship & women encouragement through various seminars, conferences, training and capacity building programmes. The organization aims at encouraging and facilitating woman to bring out and display their talents, skills, experience and energies across various precincts of the economy as well as society, for a truly inclusive economic growth orbit.

Under the ‘Laxman Popley Foundation Trust’, Popley Group has always taken efforts on contributing towards social issues and women empowerment.  Being the eminent pivot the Group had recently promoted Art & Culture by appreciating theatre plays in varied genres. The Group has now associated with FICCI FLO, on the eve of their ceremony changing of guards, with the aim of promoting women power which has always been a strong pillar towards making the society a more desirable place. Popley has taken up the mission of promoting women empowerment with the sole purpose being, bringing in realisation about the status of women, the respect to be owed to them and considering them equal to men.

The glitterati event, witnessed the presence of women from various spheres of life. The Chief Guests for the evening was Renuka Ramnath and Guest of Honour Rujuta Diwekar – celebrity nutritionist. Vinita Bimbhet – National President FLO, Rajalaxmi Rao – FLO member was felicitated for winning United National Babasaheb Ambedkar Award.

The New Executive committee comprised of, Swati Mayekar, who took over as the Chairperson of FLO Mumbai from Falguni Padode, Senior Vice chairman Minali Shah, Vice Chairperson Monica Chaturvedi, Executive Secretary Anu Bhatia, Treasurer Shikha Gupta and Junior Treasurer Hema Narsimhan.

To contribute to the honour of women, Popley Group felicitated the Executive Committee Members with a memento too. Renowned Jewellery Designer, Rhea Nasta, exclusively designed the jewellery for the committee members. The collection worn by the Executive Committee members comprised of Kundan necklaces, uncut diamond neckwear, jhumkas, chandbalis, large pendants & temple jewellery inspired from Indian culture.

On this occasion Mr. Rajiv Popley, Director, Popley Group expresses “There is a huge talent that can be unlocked by valuing our women power. The vision & innovation of a woman will not only make the world a better place but will make it economically sustainable. Mr. Rajiv Popley also adds, ‘We work to live in a better society, and a better society is earned by giving respect to all its members and motivating their growth’.