Platinum Jewellery for Men’s Forays into Lucknow

Lucknow: Randeep Hooda – the award-winning actor, recently launched the platinum jewellery collection for men at Mohan Shyam Kalyan Das Jewellers in Lucknow. The collection includes an elegant mix of designs that spell out sophistication and style. Through the ages, the most discerning of men have preferred platinum when it comes to their jewellery. The metal is a classic reflection of style, strong beliefs and success.

The men’s platinum collection design takes inspiration from ‘Digital Fantasy’ an international design trend. It is a communion of classic designs with modern sensibilities. It includes some of the most captivating, bold yet minimalistic pieces inspired by geometrical shapes and patterns, which has a bold interplay of lines and structures. The combination of matt and satin finishes in digitized patterns add character to this collection. The classic bracelets, rings, chains and kadas with a modern interpretation makes this a collection one must watch out for. Each piece in the collection is crafted keeping in mind the discerning urban man.

The evolving demand for men’s jewellery in India, makes this naturally white platinum a fitting choice. Platinum is 95% pure and can withstand the rigors of daily wear.  It is a highly precious and valuable metal and offers the wearer exclusivity. Platinum is an obvious choice for today’s modern man.

Randeep Hooda, one of the many men who admire platinum jewellery said during the launch, “It’s a known fact that platinum has fascinated many through the ages and the classic and sophisticated designs in this noble metal continue to be fitting choice for men in jewellery. Naturally white, it looks absolutely classy and perfect for me because I like a minimal piece of jewellery on me. I like the look, the feel and the subtlety of the metal. To me it is a statement of individuality. Also I don’t have to restrict myself while wearing platinum jewellery as its durability and unchanging quality ensures that it will last a lifetime of wear or maybe more.”

Commenting on the launch of the new platinum collection for men, Amit Rastogi, Owner, Mohan Shyam Kalyan Das Jewellers, said, “We are privileged to have Randeep Hooda at our store, to launch the platinum jewellery collection for men. We have seen a growing interest amongst men for platinum jewellery. Platinum as a metal is distinctive and has a refined charm that men prefer when it comes to jewellery. The men’s collection includes a wide variety of rings, chains bracelets and kadas. We believe in the category and are very positive about growth in the men’s segment.”

Rajesh Rajendran, Director Trade Marketing and Development, Platinum Guild International added, “The platinum market has been growing steadily and men’s platinum jewellery is the fastest growing segment albeit off a smaller base. In the recent years, we have seen a great demand for platinum rings, chains and bracelets as it is understated, yet sophisticated. The promising growth of this category has not only excited the trade but has also given us the confidence to expand this segment further. “

Platinum is a naturally occurring eternal white metal and an expression of integrity. It is about 11% more dense than gold. From the time that it is mined to the final piece of jewellery this metal is absolutely white. This natural colour will neither fade nor tarnish with time.