Platinum Evara Pays an Ode to Women Leaders

Mumbai: To say that 2020 forced a lot of introspection and brought about much disruption would be an understatement. It left every facet of our lives open to change. And every anticipated change was accelerated. Those in leadership included. There has been a resounding call to re-evaluate what makes for a good leader. It has meant a shift away from the autocratic leadership style of the past and the embracing of a more collaborative approach. Work is no longer ordered from above but powered from within.

In this VUCA world identifying & nurturing the right values is of utmost importance. Attributes of resilience, empathy, compassion, integrity & inclusivity have taken center stage, replacing codes of an unyielding leadership style. In these times being inclusive and carrying people along, having empathy and listening to people, looking at things from their perspective, being compassionate and placing people at the heart of any structure, rising resilient in the face of adversity, and acting with integrity by keeping one’s values at the core of what they do means more than it ever did. The recent past has in fact showcased many women leaders who demonstrated these values leading their countries, organizations & families out of chaos. The leadership style they championed is driven by the heart and has won the hearts of many.

This Women’s Day, Platinum Evara pays an ode to women leaders who embody these values, who lead people in the right direction through tough times. Named #SheLeadsWithHeart the platform brings the conversation on key ingredients of leadership today to the fore! It adds momentum to what many have written & thought about – can’t leadership be strong & yet humane?

To emphasize the importance of leading with an empathetic and compassionate heart, Platinum Evara will be undertaking an extensive digital campaign comprising of a plethora of initiatives to bring the message of #SheLeadsWithHeart to life and honor women leaders across different fields. Led by social the brand has even leveraged LinkedIn – asking women leaders who believe in the same philosophy to stand by in support and amplify this stance. In partnership with Platinum Evara will also be curating a list of noteworthy words of wisdom from powerful women leaders in India who share this belief system & subscribe to these values

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India said, “Leadership with a heart at the start seemed like a very feminine form of leadership but it’s one that the world has embraced & imbibed today. These values come instinctively to most women & we thought what better than women’s day to mark them, to celebrate them. It sits in sync with what anchors us as a metal because a value system like this despite times is rare.”