Platinum Blessings for India This Wedding Season

 Dinesh Kartik DipikaChennai: Platinum Guild International (PGI) today announced the India launch of platinum bridal jewellery in Chennai, the largest platinum market in the country, with the grand launch of EVARA Platinum Blessings. The leading jewellery retail brands of Chennai – GRT Jewellers, NAC Jewellers, Prince Jewellers, Joyalukkas, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers, Sarvana Jewellers along with PGI unveiled the new brand and exiting offering that will create an additional gift of love opportunity in the evolving bridal jewellery market.

Unveiling the exquisite range of bridal jewellery, the young, soon to be wed couple Dipika Pallikal and Dinesh Karthik were blessed with Platinum Blessings of everlasting love by the to be bride’s parents Mr. Sajiv Pallikal and Mrs. Susan Pallikal.

Bridal jewellery is the largest, most vibrant and emotionally rich space for jewellery in India and wedding related purchases account for more than 60% of jewellery purchases in India. 85% of platinum consumers are in the age group of 15 – 30 and today this young lot are increasingly playing a larger role in the purchase of bridal jewellery. Consumer research has shown that platinum can play a distinctive role in the bridal space as a ‘gift of love’ from parents to their daughter and son-in-law as a symbol of equivalence in their relationship and as a blessing of everlasting love.

Built on platinum heritage and infused with cultural relevance integral to Indian weddings the name EVARA is rooted in Sanskrit and stands for blessings and carries with it the platinum promise of everlasting love. Love is at the heart of every Platinum Evara design in the elegant new range of bridal jewellery as each piece has a ‘Platinum Bond’ that holds multiple strands of platinum together, symbolic of a coming together to create a beautiful new relationship.

At the launch, Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International added, “We have seen phenomenal success of the PGI programmes till date and how well it has resonated with young India becoming a must-have in their wardrobe. So we step forward and embark on a new journey to create and build another platinum milestone with EVARA Platinum Blessings, a blessing of everlasting love from the parents to the bridal couple at the wedding. The new parental discourse is about treating the girl and the boy as equal and platinum aims to own this modern discourse, built on deep inclusive love and respect. This is a space unique to platinum because blessings are always everlasting and love is central to platinum.”

As Dipika Pallikal embarks on a new journey and received Platinum Blessings from her parents, she said, “I will cherish this Platinum Evara piece for life as it is symbolic of a new relationship that I will be sharing not just with Dinesh, but also with both our families. I believe marriage is not just a union of two souls but a coming together of families, it’s a celebration of the everlasting love, equality and mutual respect we all share in this new relationship and the new Platinum EVARA designs rightly embodies this emotion. It is a beautiful reflection of my parent’s blessings that I will feel when adorned. Besides the modern and elegant look of platinum jewellery is something I love, it is my style so will wear it very often. Thank you Mom and Dad.”

Dinesh Karthik Added, “I truly feel blessed this afternoon and I am overwhelmed with this beautiful welcome from Dipika’s parents. As I promise to cherish this bond with Dipika and we form a new relationship as a couple, I will also be treasuring our new family unit, strengthened by platinum. An inexpressible feeling, but I think Platinum EVARA says it all. And in terms of jewellery for men, I think platinum is the ultimate choice.”

Platinum Evara jewellery has been designed keeping in mind that it can be worn beyond just the wedding occasions. So post marriage, right from a promotion or a new venture to a baby shower or an anniversary and so on, key milestones are designed with blessings and made of precious platinum. The concept of Platinum Evara will be promoted through a robust 360-degree campaign to inspire an emotional connect for platinum wedding jewellery. This will be supported by a strong trade programme that will deliver a superior consumer experience in-store with dedicated branded Platinum Evara zones.