Pandora Opens State-Of-The-Art Facility in Thailand

Bangkok: Jewellery giant Pandora has officially opened its new, highly modernized and green crafting facility in Lamphun near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand as part of the firm’s long term growth-strategy.

The new facility is the first in a line of strategic initiatives in Pandora’s efforts to meet increasing demand. The facility is located in Lamphun close to Chiang Mai, 800 km north of Bangkok and Pandora’s main production site in order, it said, to maximize stability and minimize risks.

“The site in Lamphun is only the first in a line of strategic initiatives,” said President and CEO Anders Colding Friis. “Over the next years, we will expand production capacity at our current site in Bangkok further, investing a total of DKK 1.8 billion ($260 million) in the period 2015 to 2019. With our dedicated and skilled craftspeople in Thailand, located in Bangkok and now Lamphun, we are very well suited to meet future demands from our consumers.”

The new facility, which will eventually employ up to 5,000 people, is introducing new ways of combining effectiveness with the craftsmanship developed by the company’s founder. “This enables Pandora to increase effectiveness and better control production costs without compromising quality and the hand-finished uniqueness of each piece of jewellery. Due to its innovative design, the new facility is prepared to facilitate an even more complex production setup, enabling Pandora to pursue its strategy to expand its product range and at the same time improve lead time, meaning the time needed in the process from receiving the order and to the final piece of jewellery leaves the crafting facility.”

Pandora said that due to the architecture and design of the site, the new production plant offers some of the best working conditions and most modern production facilities of its kind in Asia. Having achieved the LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the new facility meets the highest demands regarding CSR and sustainability, it said. The high standards in the new facility not only mean significant cost- and energy savings, they also ensure that Pandora can fully meet future demands for sustainability from consumers all over the world.