Opposition against World Diamond Council Ends

wdcNew York: Groups that stayed away from the World Diamond Council’s annual meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, have patched up their differences with the current WDC leadership.

“[We] pledge our continuous and full support to the WDC and its objectives,” said a statement cosigned by the heads of World Federation of Diamond Bourses and CIBJO, both of whom boycotted the October gathering. It was released after an informal meeting in New Delhi.

The statement calls attention to the WDC’s mission statement, which says the organization was designed to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. The groups boycotted the WDC’s annual get-together because of fears it was widening its mandate without full approval of the membership.

The statement said it was responding to “reports in the media about the WDC,” most of which were spurred by a WFDB press release.