Only 500 Diamond Cutters Left in Antwerp

man-cutting-diamondAntwerp: The number of diamond cutters working in Antwerp, which is called the capital of the world diamond trade, was reduced to 500 people, said the Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

In the 70s of the last century about 30,000 specialists worked in diamond polishing plants in the city on the Scheldt.

Cutters working today in Antwerp are highly qualified specialists – the most rare and expensive diamonds are entrusted to them.

The “Headquarters” of the world diamond cutting industry today is an Indian Surat, in which up to 450,000 people work in diamond cutting factories. Before the global financial crisis of 2009, the total number of skilled workers employed in the diamond manufacturing sector in Surat reached 700,000.

Meanwhile, according to experts, the price difference between rough diamonds and finished products is now so small that the cutting and polishing profession becomes less profitable.