New Valentine's Day Collection in Rare Platinum

Mumbai: What you do in the name of love matters. And Valentines’ Day is that one day in the year that individuals in love express their feelings in the most unique and creative ways. Expressions of love around this month of love are often cluttered with clichéd actions. Dinner dates, flowers and chocolates, grandiose gestures, but ever stopped and wondered what it really means? Do these actions or gestures add to your relationship? Does it open up a world of possibilities you never imagined of? Well if it doesn’t, then why indulge if it really doesn’t impact your relationship beyond that day? Isn’t it time we re-imagined love?

A love that is built over respect for individual uniqueness & what each brings to the table. This new identity stands for a greater US’ than they each do individually. A love that makes you #GreaterTogether is deserving of a meaningful expression.

This month of Love Platinum Days of Love wants you to focus on promises that truly make a difference, and help you and your loved one unleash and create a world of your own.

This Valentine’s Day Platinum Days of love brings to you an exclusive collection of 6 Platinum Love Bands that are designed to symbolize a love that’s rare. This exclusive collection brings to life a rare love story that celebrates couples who can come together to build  an even more formidable force where differences add perspective & similarities are built on to make one stronger! A love that is built over respect for individual uniqueness & what each brings to the table.

A love that thrives on unconditional support, is home to endless nurturance and embraces individuality is rare. It’s only fitting that you choose a metal as rare as your love to symbolize it. Choose Platinum Love Bands and reimagine love to make you and your partner #GreaterTogether:

1) For the couple that prioritizes & slays individual goals: When individual goals become a combined dream that you and your partner aim to reach, you create a world that makes you #GreaterTogether. The perfect symbol for your rare love are these love bands that display matched textures, symbolic of your different goals and yet one united front.

2) For the couple that enables individual pursuits: Your similar thinking and strengths have taken your passions and endeavors to levels higher than you could ever imagine. Just like these twinning Platinum Love Bands, your similarities make you two #GreaterTogether.

3) For the couple that collaborates on newer adventures, horizons, & experiences: Even though you come from different schools of thought, you take on newer adventures which make your journey of love more exciting; these Platinum Love Bands that come together to form something beautiful, despite being different from each other.

4) For the couple that help each other reach success: Despite being different, your love has created a world where success for each other is certain. That’s what makes it rare. Mark your love with these faceted contour bands that run parallel to each other, and yet, meet to make each other’s dreams come true.

5) For the couple that is each other’s biggest cheerleaders: In every endeavour that you’ve ever taken upon, you’ve found in each other to be your biggest cheerleader. Mark a love that is so rare with something equally rare ; just like you and your rare bond, the Platinum Love Bands, when together, bring out the best in each other.

6) For the couple that allows each other to be their best self: When the support that you and your partner extend towards each other lets you be your best self, that’s when you create a love that makes you #GreaterTogether. This love deserves to be marked with something just as rare this Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, choose from an exclusively curated collection of Platinum Love Bands by Platinum Days of Love as you and your partner reimagine a world for yourselves with your rare love, and become truly #GreaterTogether!