New Diamond Manufacturing Plant in Israel

IsdeRamat Gan: A unique diamond manufacturing facility will be inaugurated during the International Diamond Week, February 8-12, 2015. A joint initiative of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) and the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI), the plant provides independent diamond manufacturers with ultra-modern diamond manufacturing facilities and also serves to train a new generation of diamond cutters.

“The Modern Manufacturing Center (MMC), as we call it, was born both out of necessity, as well out of a sense of unity between our industry bodies,” said Yoram Dvash, Chairman of the IDE’s Industry and Marketing Committee. “The IDE, IsDMA and IDI all saw the need for a top-rate training facility for a new generation of diamond cutters and polishers. We were all determined to create it and our single mindedness has enabled it to come about. Now we look forward to presenting this truly unique and highly valuable project to participants in the upcoming International Diamond Week in February,” Dvash added.

“The international diamond industry and trade is going through many large changes and one of the most important is that of competitiveness in manufacturing,” said IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer. “In Israel, we are taking initiatives in manufacturing that most of us thought was no longer possible. The MMC is an important tool to help us rebuild a well-trained and motivated core group of highly professional cutters and polishers. During the International Diamond Week, we will be proud to inaugurate the MCC in the presence of our international colleagues,” Mr Schnitzer added.

The MCC is equipped with the latest sawing and laser cutting machinery, Sarin and OGI decision making technology, and also Sarin’s Galaxy 2000 for rough diamond analysis. Meanwhile, the first class of diamond polishers and cutters already has graduated and all graduates have been placed in local cutting plants.