New Blood Diamond Report on 30th Sep

Johannesburg: Amnesty International announced that it will publish a new report on the diamond industry that focuses on the Central African Republic (CAR), where illicit trade continues unabated amid sweeping conflict. Research for the report was conducted in the CAR, neighboring countries and diamond-trading centers, Antwerp and Dubai, according to an Amnesty announcement.

The findings revealed systematic failures in preventing the trade of “blood diamonds,” according to Amnesty International. Due out September 30, the report will address illegal and unethical practices across the sector, including how armed groups in the CAR, as well as diamond traders in both the CAR and global trading centers, profit from illegal and unethical activity.

The report will also highlight how diamond-producing and trading countries have failed to halt the smuggling of CAR diamonds into global markets, taking specific aim at the Kimberley Process in alleging that the global monitor hides human rights abuses and illegality within the diamond trade.