NCDIA Hosts Global Color Diamond Con. Series

Mumbai: The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) plans to conduct a series of conferences in Australia, London, Antwerp, Israel and Hong Kong to build consumer awareness about the diamond category, the organization said in a statement.

The series started earlier this month with events in New York on October 2 and Mumbai on October 8 covering the topics rarity and value and natural pink diamonds and will continue with a conference at the Israel Diamond Institute in Ramat Gan date in November, with the date to be announced.

Additional topics to be discussed include the issue of natural versus synthetic diamonds and retailing with color.

The NCDIA said the high attendance at the inaugural conferences offered “proof that natural color diamonds are becoming increasing popular among the industry, however there is a lack of awareness at all levels of the supply chain.”

NCDIA’s mission is to educate and promote global awareness and desire for natural color diamonds. Founded in 2003, NCDIA is a non-profit, membership-based organization that includes some of the world’s most renowned rough diamond producers, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers.