Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds- Seminar in VOD

Hong Kong: The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM), in cooperation with HRD Antwerp Istanbul, will hold a seminar entitled “Setting Nature’s Wonders Apart – Natural diamonds versus synthetics” during the upcoming VICENZAORO DUBAI (VOD) 2016 fair that will be held from April 14 to 16, 2016, in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The presentation is part of a series of WDM-HRD Retailer Seminars that WDM and HRD are offering at international trade shows. The seminar in Dubai will take place on Friday, April 15, at 11.00 a.m. at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Saeed Hall, VOD Conference Room. The speakers will be Alex Popov, Chairman and CEO of the World Diamond Mark; and Mehmet Can Özdemir, General Manager HRD Antwerp Istanbul.

“During the past months, too much has been said and written about synthetic diamonds and we have talked too little about the product that unites all who make a living in the diamond and jewellery business: natural diamonds,” Popov noted. “Therefore, we cannot lose sight of natural diamonds as one of the most important elements that create consumer desire and enthusiasm for jewellery!”

“In Dubai, at VICENZAORO DUBAI (VOD) 2016, we will hold a seminar that will highlight the unique and ancient origin of natural diamonds, setting them off against synthetic stones, which can be made, rather easily, in a factory,” Popov continued.

“We will also show, among others, that due to the lack of control in the distribution of synthetic rough, these stones end up in the hands of unsavory elements that are largely responsible for the – undisclosed – mixing of synthetic stones into parcels of mostly small natural diamonds, and as such are causing significant reputational damage to our industry, throughout the supply pipeline.”

Popov emphasized that as a legitimate product, synthetic diamonds are no threat to our industry, but that “as long as the synthetic diamond producers don’t get their houses in order, we will continue to see a lot of animosity toward synthetics.”

In his presentation, Mehmet Can Özdemir, General Manager HRD Antwerp Istanbul, will present the latest updates on identification methods of synthetic stones, and offer jewellers practical advice as what to look out for when inspecting diamonds.