Mary & Onler Kom Celebrate Love with Platinum

New Delhi: India’s finest five time boxing world champion Mary Kom and husband Onler Kom celebrated their Platinum day of Love at PC Jeweller recently in the capital city. The inspirational duo celebrated their love for each other by exchanging Platinum Love Bands to mark their everlasting love.

Precious platinum is a naturally white metal that never fades or tarnishes with time, just like real love that lasts for an eternity and is symbolic of everlasting love. It is an ideal way to seal a bond of love that lasts forever.

Speaking on the launch Onler Karong Kom said, “I first met Mary at the Nehru Stadium in Delhi; a very passionate & determined girl who wanted to become a boxer against odds. We have known each other for long and over the years our feelings have grown. Platinum as a metal perfectly symbolizes everlasting love that will remind us of the love we share with each other that is steadfast across all odds. Today being here at P C Jeweller and exchanging love bands is a beautiful moment of love that we will cherish for life.”

World Champion Mary Kom further added, “I cherish the day my beautiful sons were born as my Platinum Day of Love. This day will always be a special day for me and a remembrance that will be treasured all my life. I believe Onler’s strength of character is constantly reflected through his love and affection for his kids and me and platinum is one such metal which just brightens the celebration of true love. It signifies true love in each one’s life marking a special moment. In addition, this metal is elegant, classy and its understated look blends well with my personality and it is something that I will enjoy wearing.”

She further added, “My relationship with Onler is the platinum kind that is growing stronger with each passing year and today I would like to say to you Onler, I am because of you.”

Mr. Balram Garg, MD, P C Jeweller said, “Platinum is fast gaining momentum amongst the young consumers. Today’s, modern couples prefer platinum as the metal exemplifies everlasting love. The metal’s inherent qualities match the sensibilities of love and modernity. Platinum has witnessed a phenomenal success with the concept of Platinum Day of Love and has created high emotional appeal and aspiration amongst the younger consumers.”

Ms. Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International added, “Platinum is a metal that stands for deep love and emotions closest to your heart. It signifies the deepest love, whether it is between couples or parent and child or siblings, etc. Qualities of platinum being unchanging and everlasting, makes it’s a metal symbolic of this love. The design themes of the new Platinum Love Bands infuse the endearing emotion of endless love through the three design concepts, ‘Infinity Symbols’, ‘Endless Love Knots’ and ‘Duo Bands’.”

While the patina of platinum and the metal’s inherent qualities truly personify the depth and the emotion, illustrative of a lifetime of love, the celebrity couple’s momentous celebration was marked by precious platinum, a naturally white metal that never fades or tarnishes with time, just like real love that lasts for an eternity.

The design concepts adopted for the Platinum Love Bands – Endless Love range are ‘Infinity Symbols’, ‘Endless Love Knots’ and ‘Duo Bands’. The range, symbolic of eternity, captures a way of expressing love and includes pieces of minimal expressions of mythological or ancient icons of eternal love on the modern metal platinum.