Malca-Amit Develops Digital Payment Solutions

Hong Kong: Malca-Amit announced it has taken a lead investment in a revolutionary Fintech startup named Mazalit. The venture, founded and headed by veteran diamantaire Zeev Maimon, has developed a b2b blockchain-based payment platform that will gradually bring solutions like instant mobile payment, escrow services, billing and credit services to the global diamond, gem and jewellery industry and trade.

Malca-Amit’s CEO Amit Eytan said Malca-Amit is proud to be the industry’s first dedicated logistics service provider to embrace smart digital payment solutions and offer them to their customers around the globe. “This partnership is a perfect fit. Interim and third-party financing has since long been part and parcel of Malca-Amit’s logistics service packages. In addition, all the checks and balances that are needed to execute international transactions are already fully integrated into Malca Amit’s procedures and operating systems. With the entry of Mazalit into our realm, we can now integrate full-fledged, digital, fast and unprecedented low-cost payment solutions into our service package,” Eytan stated.

“We are truly excited to become associated with Malca-Amit,” Maimon said. “Our dream team comprises Mazalit co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Ben Yaniv Chechik, who took part in building Fintech giants companies like Payoneer and Zooz, as well as Oded Zehavi, Paypal’s former director of global business, who serves as a special advisor to our company. We believe that with blockchain technology we can build finance solutions that will reduce risk and costs for the diamond industry and increase transparency, security and legitimacy with the regulators and the banks.”

“This revolutionary product will bring significant added value to Malca-Amit and its clients worldwide,” Eytan added. “As a result, industry members will be able to do business faster, more effectively and at much lower costs, while enjoying the peace of mind that Malca-Amit offers its clients and their counterparts,” he concluded.