Lucapa Finds Another Large Stone at Lulo

Luanda: Lucapa Diamond Company reports the recovery of yet another large, high-quality diamond from its Lulo diamond project in Angola.

The mining company unearthed the 62-carat diamond from another new alluvial mining area at the project. The firm said that testing confirms that the 62-carat stone is a premium-quality Type IIa gem.

The diamond is the second large diamond to be recovered from a new mining area at Lulo this month. The miner reported the recovery of a 227-carat diamond earlier this month.

The latest diccovery provides “further evidence of the potential for the entire 50 kilometer stretch of the Cacuilo River within the Lulo concession to host large and high-value diamonds,” the firm said.

The 227-carat diamond is due to be sold at a sale early next month, while the 62-carat stone will be offered in the company’s following sale.