Live Demo Jewellery Testing by GSI at Dubai


Dubai: GSI, a leading diamond grading organization conducted a live demo testing at their breakfast seminar at DMCC Dubai. The seminar addressed managing the challenges on the myths, facts, and realities associated with the man-made diamonds. There were various misconceptions around the industry about the lab grown diamond and to address the major rising concern, GSI initiated a seminar to give a better clarity and understanding to their audience.

The seminar received an overwhelming response from the audience who found this as a great opportunity to know in detail the history, origin, facts, challenges and realities associated with a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamond prevailed in the industry since a very long time and has been used for industrial use since then. The threat lies in the undisclosed lab grown diamonds. To address this, an arrangement of live demo testing was conducted at the seminar. The audience was curious to know more about their jewellery and got their jewellery tested with the help of industry experts.

GSI received a positive response from the audience and also high registrations for extended service were created.