Largest Israel Diamond Exhibition Ever Opens

Ramat Gan: The 10th Israel Diamond Exhibition 2023 opened on 28th March to a record number of participants: 450 buyers from over 40 countries, on the trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE). This is the first Israel Diamond Exhibition since 2020.

The opening ceremony held in the Rough Trading Hall of the IDE featured greetings by IDE President Boaz Moldawsky, DRC Minister of Mines Antoinett GIA Executive Vice President Tom Moses, and Israel Diamond Week Chairman Aviad Bashari and IDE CEO Eran Zini.

IDE President Boaz Moldawsky said, “We welcome the many guests from all over the world, presidents of diamond exchanges, representatives of important diamond companies, buyers, and jewellery designers. With over 150 exhibitors from Israel and around the world, I am sure that every buyer will find the diamonds he is interested in. I wish you great business deals and lots of fun. Mazal u’bracha.”

The Israel International Diamond Exhibition will continue till 30th March.