KP Wants Firm Action on CAR Conflict Diamond Trade

Shanghai: Kimberley Process Certification Scheme members are upset by reports that conflict diamonds being extracted in the Central African Republic and are finding their way into the legitimate global diamond trade. After an inter-sessional meeting in Shanghai in June, the KPCS resolved to take action to stem the spillover of diamonds from the CAR, reported.

The KPCS determined that it would conduct a detailed study of the CAR’s rough diamond production from the time of the country’s suspension from the group in May 2013 and to provide the KP chair with regular reports. The group resolved to harness the scientific experts it has tasked to study the diamond trade in the Ivory Coast, to buttress the work of researchers in the CAR.

Member nations are also called upon to submit to the KP Chair reports of any rough diamonds entering their territories which are suspected of originating in the CAR, and naturally, to halt the trade of any stones confirmed to be of CAR origin and take appropriate action against those found guilty of trading in them. Member states have also been asked to provide support to those countries that border the CAR, assisting them in their own enforcement efforts.