KP, AWDC to Hold Sp. Forum on Rough Evaluation

PassportSizePhoto1842014234Antwerp: Kimberley Process (KP) Chair Ahmed Bin Sulayem has announced the second in a series of three, one-day ‘Special Forums’ on rough diamond valuation to be held on September 30 at the Hylitt Hotel in Antwerp.

The forum aims to foster debate on the future shape and methodology of rough diamond valuation.

In association with the Antwerp World Diamond Conference (AWDC), the Special Forum will focus on valuation practices employed by the global diamond industry. The format will take the shape of an ‘Expert Workshop’, an open dialogue that will examine other methods being used that will eventually develop a more formalized approach to rough diamond valuation.

Representatives from mining companies, auction and tender experts, professional diamond valuators and polished price index specialists will take part in the discussion. The Three Pillars of the Kimberley Process are also invited – government, industry and civil society.

Bin Sulayem said: “In the second of these Special Forums, we will continue the dialogue to a better understanding of how a more formalized approach to rough diamond valuation would be beneficial to the entire industry. The collaboration with Antwerp World Diamond Centre will reinforce the debate as will the continued participation of the OECD. We aim to reach a consensus for universal conformity at our third and final meeting.”

Enhanced awareness and conformity will allow producing countries to get more value from their mineral resources. The aim of these Special Forums is a commitment by all industry players that incorporates a set of best practices for all KP participants.

“Valuation is and remains a crucial expertise, especially for developing countries relying on the benefit of diamond revenues. This sequence of valuation seminars, organized by the KP Chair, is an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge and capacity. As a leading diamond trading centre, recognized for its long standing expertise, Antwerp is looking forward to contributing to the KP Chair’s initiative,” added AWDC President, Stephane Fischler.