Jewellery World Discusses Concept of “Oneness”

Shenzhen: Prestigious industry leaders and design experts shared their interpretations of “Oneness,” the theme of the Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017 at a forum on April 19, 2017. Organised by the competition, the forum at the Shenzhen Convention Centre was attended by students, aspiring contestants and jewellery aficionados.

International jewellery consultant Helen Mao started the discussions by describing “Oneness” as the completion of a whole – finding one’s other half to walk the earth with and adding a soulmate to one’s life.

Chu Yan Hu, Advisor of Shenzhen Polytechnic, likens “Oneness” to a harmonious family. Helen Cheng, Dean of the Fashion & Design Art Institute of Sichuan Normal University, believes that “Oneness” can relate to various aspects of life but she personally prefers its allusion to a fulfilling marriage.

Professor Huang Wei of Qing Hua University views the theme as presenting traditional culture in a modern design language. “Oneness” revolves around merging lives in marriage and harmony, bringing together two parties in a union of tolerance, compromise and wedded bliss.

Xiao Liu, Chairman of the Faculty of Jewellery at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, sees “Oneness” in the context of a Chinese poem where two trees of totally different natures co-exist and support each other.

To Xiang Cheng, Lecturer at Nanjing University of the Arts’ School of Design, “Oneness” is rooted in traditional Chinese culture but represented by a new design language. Meanwhile, Hui Qing Lu, who is in charge of Jewellery Design at the Shanghai Art and Design Academy, interprets “Oneness” as unity, just as students, the academe and the business sector interact with each other in the commercial market for the sake of a harmonious society. Xun Gui Li, Lecturer at the Jewellery Academy of Shenzhen Institute of Technology, agrees that “Oneness” refers to collaboration between two different parties.

Aside from sharing their ideas on the theme, the panellists also wished the contestants well, encouraging them to let their creative juices flow and make their mark in the competition.

The Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017 is open to all professional jewellery designers as well as students and graduates of jewellery design disciplines. To allow contestants to give free rein to their imagination, the competition has two categories – plain gold and gem-set gold jewellery.

Five distinguished luminaries in the fields of jewellery and design sit on the judging panel, ensuring that the winning design will truly meet the highest international standards. Entries will be evaluated on their creativity and originality, their adherence to the theme, and their understanding of craftsmanship and manufacturing processes. Fifteen entries from each category will be shortlisted for the final stage of the competition.

Enticing prizes worth over HK$1 million await the winning entries. The ultimate champion will be awarded the “Xifu” Grand Prize of a 1kg pure gold bar, together with the opportunity to establish a business cooperation contract with the “Xifu” brnd. All the finalists will receive a gold certificate and gold medal in recognition of their efforts.

The Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition sincerely invites all designers with vision, aspiration and ambition to take part in this momentous event and join the movement to elevate and modernise designs of traditional gold wedding jewellery.