J.A.D.E. by GJSCI Virtually Launched

Mumbai: J.A.D.E. (Jewellery Artificial Intelligence & Data-science Excellence) by Gems & Jewellery Skills Council of India (GJSCI) was launched in a virtual ceremony on 30th November 2020. The Chief Guest was Prof Chaudhuri (Director, IIT Bombay) and the Guest of Honor was Mr. Manish Kumar (MD & CEO, NSDC). JADE is a center of excellence for artificial intelligence focusing on the Gems and Jewellery Industry.

Gems and Jewellery is an important industry in India. Over USD 80 Billion, half the revenues are exports. Over 90% of the world’s diamonds are cut in India and the industry contributes ~ 10% of India’s export and employs > 5 million.

The industry is largely traditional and can significantly benefit from modern digital technologies. This first of a kind COE on AI launched by GJSCI focused on the Gems & Jewellery Industry will be working on the real-life problems of gems and jewellery manufacturers, exporters, and retailers. The key challenges faced in manufacturing like minimizing rejections and in Sales like poor hit ratio of designs, high market returns will be tackled through JADE using the AI / DS techniques. This center will help find solutions for industry at large and individual units as well.

This unique initiative is a culmination of extensive effort done over the year by GJSCI in association with various organizations and experts. Two of the biggest Indian industries i.e. Gems & Jewellery and Information Technology, along with active collaboration from IIT Bombay will be coming together to solve the industry challenges using state of the art Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science technologies. There is enthusiastic support to this initiative from large and small companies of the Gems & Jewellery Industry, Industry organizations, IT Majors, and IIT Bombay.

Quote from GJSCI Mr. Sanjay Kothari, Chairman GJSCI:

The launch of J.A.D.E. is indeed a historical event where two of the country’s largest industries i.e. the gems & jewellery industry and the IT Industry are coming together on a common platform. The whole of the gems & jewellery industry have willingly offered their support towards this endeavor; a technological leap towards a better and brighter future.

Quote from Mr. Rajeev Garg, ED &CEO GJSCI:

Launch of GJSCI’s Center for Jewellery Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Excellence is an important milestone in making Indian Gems & Jewellery industry a world leader. The use of AI/ML/DS in solving the problems of both manufacturers and retailers to improve their productivity, quality, and efficiency will put our industry on the highest pedestal in the Global market. We are proud that all the stakeholders of Gems & Jewellery industry and IT industry including IITB are wholeheartedly supporting this unique initiative.

Quote from IITB Director, Mr. Subhasis Chaudhuri:

“The Collaboration Efforts between various industries and academia in the field of artificial intelligence will go a long way in developing the industry academia relationships and provide avenues for the future”

Quote from Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman, Persistent Systems:

This is the culmination of nearly one year’s effort. I am excited. The industry is traditional and can significantly benefit from modern digital technologies. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can help boost competitiveness and create new high-value jobs in the industry.

Quote from Dr. Manish Kumar, MD & CEO, NSDC:

We have been talking for a while for the need for convergence between the world of IT which has been changing the economy with various sectors. Gem & Jewellery Sector Skill Council (GJSCI) has taken the lead and has enabled the futuristic version of what will be a lesson for many other SSCs in this direction to learn from. We all know that by GJSCI taking this initiative, shows how futuristic they are, and Mr. Anand Deshpande’s thinking is so commendable & also Mr. Sanjay Kothari who is always at the forefront of things. NSDC is always there to support this futuristic initiative of GJSCI, and will collaborate in exploring the funds required for J.A.D.E.

Quote from Mr. Colin Shah, Chairman, GJEPC:

There has been a very active participation by Team JADE to get the project off the ground. We have been known as old world in terms of adapting to digitization and COVID has been responsible to give a nudge to go as digital as possible. This whole project is just a step in that direction. So kudos and congratulations and I really hope this is the beginning of several other projects like this which help the industry analyzing data better and taking informed decisions based on that data. GJEPC is always there to help in all ways possible.

Quote from Mr. PR Somasundaram, MD, World Gold Council

I liked this concept from the very beginning and this will show us benefits beyond what we see. Collateral benefits of moving into data driven decision making including IT in whatever we do I think that is far greater than any individual projects we do. I am extremely confident that this is going to be transformative initiative. We are making history here. This is going to enhance India’s image in export market because when they see that we are talking about a data driven and Artificial Intelligence driven data centre, it is going to do much more good to the image of the industry. We are fully behind this and we do hope to see this grow. All the best to everyone behind this.