Israel Diamond Exg to hold 'Ambassador Day'

IsdeRamat Gan: The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) will be hosting a significant number of Ambassadors, Consuls and economic attaches during the winter edition of The International Diamond Week in Israel to be held on the IDE trading floor from February 14 to 18. On the afternoon of February 16, the diplomats will tour the trading floor, visit the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, witness an auction of magnificent diamonds and jewelry pieces and attend a concert in the nearby Diamond Theater.

“As the event is drawing closer, we’re finalizing the event calendar of the winter edition of The International Diamond Week in Israel, IDE General Manager Moti Besser, said. “By inviting the diplomatic corps for this ‘Ambassador Day,’ we will have an opportunity to display the strength and versatility of the Israeli diamond business and thus create a much greater awareness of our industry and trade,” Besser stated. “The diplomatic corps in Israel is often instrumental in helping Israeli companies gain access to their home markets. We look forward to dazzling the diplomats – and their spouses – with what the Israeli diamond industry and trade has to offer.”

Avner Sofiov, President of the Israeli-French auction house Tzoffey’s 1818, said that on ‘Ambassador Day,’ his firm will be holding two auctions. One, of special diamonds, is aimed at the trade (B2B), and the second, of magnificent jewelry pieces, is for the public at large (B2C). “Viewing of the pieces will take place in the days leading up to the auctions, and on February 16, we will hold an auction on request i.e. of those pieces that have been selected during the viewings,” said Sofiov, who initiated the ‘Ambassadors Day’.

“The auctions will be held at the Diamond Theater, preceding a concert of the Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ronen Nissan, Music Director of the Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra of Tull, Austria,” Besser explained. “Ronen, who is the son of IDWI Committee member Moshe Nissan, a former President of the Israel Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange, will bring us a repertoire of light classical music, some of his renowned arrangements of Hollywood film music, and possibly some of his arrangements of Ladino music,” he said.