India’s Jewellery Exports Up 36% in September

Mumbai: September was a good month for Indian exporters with significant increases in the exports of cut & polished diamonds and gold jewellery (plain & studded), the two largest segments in the g & j sector.

Exports of cut & polished diamonds from the country during the month were up 11.19% year on year to US$ 2,663.66 mn from US$ 2,395.50 mn a year ago, with cumulative exports between April-September 2014 at US$ 12,083.78 mn lagging marginally below the US$ 12,434.60 mn exported during the comparative period a year ago.

Similarly, exports of gold jewellery (studded and plain) from India showed a significant 36% leap during the month reaching US$ 955.13 mn as against US$ 699.71 mn of a year ago. For the first six months of the Indian financial year, cumulative gold jewellery exports stood at US$ 4,570.89 mn, up from US$ 3,623.65 mn for the same period a year ago.

Export of coloured gemstones in Apr-Sept 2014 declined to US$ 224.36 mn from US$ 351.99 mn the previous year and that of silver jewellery in the same period rose by 31.65% year-on-year to US$ 1044.87 mn from US$ 793.68 mn in 2013.