Indian Industrialists Meet Chinese Counterparts

India-ChinaSurat: It was a proud moment for the city when the local industrialists were a part of the Indian delegation Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Shanghai on Saturday.

Govind Dholakiya, chairman of Shree Ramkrishna Export (SRK), Mathur Savani, chairman of Savani Brothers and convenor of the Surat Diamond Bourse project, Manoj Gandhi, chairman of the Gandhi Group of Industries, Yogesh Wagh, a big-time industrialist in China organized a series of meetings of PM Modi with the key business personalities in Shanghai.

PM Modi met the chairman of China-based Broad construction company, Daniel Zhang which holds the record of constructing buildings in a very short time—approximately three floors in a day and is currently making the world’s tallest building. Also, PM met the chairman of Xingtu Bridge Company who have constructed more than 70 bridges across China over the sea.