India Can Grow at 9% for a Decade

New Delhi: India has the potential to grow at 9 per cent for a decade and 8 per cent in subsequent years if the country takes bold reform measures, eminent economist and Harvard University professor Lawrence Summers said on Saturday.

“Except India, major emerging economies seem to be losing momentum… I think if India maximizes its potential, it could grow at 9 per cent for a decade, and 8 per cent a decade after that, and 7.5 per cent for a decade after that,” Summers said during a session at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

Summers, who is president Emeritus and Charles W Eliot professor at Harvard University said he is very optimistic about the capacity of India but the country needs bolder reforms.

“… 9 per cent growth, decline by 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent every decade, that is my sense about India’s potential that is not my forecast for India because India would have to reform more boldly and take a whole set of steps not just at the national level but at the level of states, and even at the level of culture if it wants to achieve that potential,” he said.