IDWI to Feature Eight Tenders of Polished & Rough

IsdeRamat Gan: The sixth International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI), February 13 – 16, 2017, will feature a full eight tenders of rough and polished diamonds by major diamond producers and suppliers. The tenders will take place under the auspices of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) International Tender Center, which will be officially launched during the event.

During IDWI, I. Hennig Tenders will hold its second tender of polished diamonds in collaboration with the International Tender Center. As in the company’s successful tender in September, on offer will be an interesting selection of diamonds, including commercial and fine polished goods in various shapes qualities.

I Hennig Tenders, the independent international diamond tender operator, holds several tenders every month in various markets. Its previous tender in Israel in September was very well received. David Kuchler, Manager of I. Hennig Tenders, said that the company is very happy to work in collaboration with the International Tender Center for the second time and is confident that the tender will be successful again. “We are going to offer an exciting buying opportunity at this tender. We will present a wide range of recycled polished goods in all sizes and qualities, including single stones, parcels, certified and uncertified goods,” he said.

This year’s IDWI is focusing on international tenders of rough and polished diamonds. During the event, which is expected to attract several hundred buyers from around the world, tenders will be held by major producers and independent suppliers, such as I Hennig. The Israeli bourse will officially inaugurate the International Tender Center during IDWI. The center, located in the bourse complex, will be a state-of-the-art venue for polished and rough tenders by a variety of suppliers under one roof, and will offer a variety of value-added services.

In addition to the international tenders, at IDWI 2017 hundreds of Israeli and international companies will exhibit a large variety of goods on the IDE trading floor for three days. Moreover, IDWI will offer a rich social program as well as free sightseeing to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. As in the past buyers are being offered free accommodations for three nights in nearby hotels.