IDWI from 13th Feb, 2017 with New Format

IsdeRamat Gan: The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) announced that the next International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI) would be held on February 13 – 16, 2017.  The event, which has been held in Israel for the past five years, has become an essential feature on the calendar of professional diamond dealers globally.

The next IDWI will be held in a slightly different format: Trading will take place on the bourse floor from Monday to Wednesday, and Thursday will be open for individual meetings, as well as free tours and other activities that IDE will be organizing.

Israel Diamond Exchange President Yoram Dvash said that he expected the next IDWI to attract members of a good number of diamond bourses affiliated to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). Dvash was recently chosen as Vice President of the WFDB at the World Diamond Congress in Dubai. “This event began five years ago with the participation of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York (DDC), then grew to include the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and the Bharat Diamond Bourse of Mumbai. This year we will work in cooperation with the WFDB to bring members of other affiliated bourses, making this a truly “interbourse” event,” he said.

Haim Volner, the incoming chairman of IDWI, said that he was confident that the next International Diamond Week would be bigger than previous ones. “IDWI has established a reputation as a prime trading opportunity for diamond dealers. The quantity and variety of goods on offer are enormous, and the costs of participation are minimal. We’ve also upgraded the event with a new format and other new features, which we’ll announce later on. Right now Save the Date, and spend February 12 – 14, 2017 with us in Israel,” Volner said.