IDE Inducts 115 New Members

Ramat Gan: The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) inducted yesterday an unusually large group of new members in a festive ceremony held for the first time over video. The 115 new members are of varying ages, and include both diamond polishers and traders. Most of the new inductees, which include 20 women, are the next generation of current IDE members.

The certification as members comes after candidates successfully completed a six month training course. According to the IDE, beyond the professional training and knowledge acquired, the course contributes to creating friendships and business networks that can be later translated into commercial collaborations.

The certification ceremony for new members was held for the first time in the history of the diamond exchange in a video format. Due to restrictions, the traditional ceremony could not be performed as usual with dozens of participants. The membership certificates will be collected by the new members in the coming weeks in accordance with the guidelines and restrictions.

IDE President Mr. Yoram Dvash said, “It is very significant that we are welcoming such a large cadre of new members, especially at a time when our industry is undergoing many upheavals at home and abroad. It shows the unique DNA of the Israeli diamond dealer and the unique nature of the Israel Diamond Exchange.”

Mr. Dvash congratulated the new members: “It is with great pride that we welcome 115 new members. Today you are embarking on a new path and becoming part of Israeli diamond family. Expand your horizons and go out into the wide world. You are the next generation, the future generation, and I am confident that you will lead the industry forward. I wish each of you success.”