Huge Diamond Discovered in Sierra Leone

Freetown: Sierra Leone’s Minerals Agency announced that a 476-carat diamond has been discovered in the Kono district – the same part of the east country where a pastor unearthed a 709.1-carat stone in March that is being called the ‘Peace Diamond’.

That discovery was the largest stone unearthed in Sierra Leone since 1972, when the 969-carat Star of Sierra Leone was dug up. It is also one of the largest diamonds unearthed in recent years. While Sierra Leone hasn’t officially revealed the yellow-hued diamond’s worth, experts value it at over $50 million.

The size of the latest discovery would make it the 29th biggest stone ever found, according to media reports. Meya Mining, which reportedly discovered the stone, has received government approval to export it, and the diamond will be sold at an international auction like its larger counterpart. The ‘Peace Diamond’ is due to be sold at auction next month.