HRD's New Innovative Diamond Grading Reports

HRD_Logo_EHong Kong: HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, has launched its newly restyled Diamond Grading Reports and Diamond Jewellery Reports during the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair which runs from September 13rd – 17th 2016.

Important improvements were made to the visual representation of HRD Antwerp Diamond Grading Reports and Jewellery Reports in order to provide them with a more contemporary look.

“As an important part of an ongoing rebranding exercise, which already started in 2014, we’ve now also updated the visual identity of our Diamond Grading Reports and Jewellery Reports. As an HRD Antwerp Diamond Certificate is well known throughout the industry for its blue colour, the new design will therefore also predominantly feature the same colour so the change will not be too disruptive” explains Peter Macken, CEO HRD Antwerp.

“Another important change, in addition to a brand new design, is that as of October 3, 2016, an HRD Antwerp Diamond ‘Certificate’ will be referred to as a ‘Diamond Grading Report’. Following an in-depth analysis, it was decided by our Board of Directors to replace the term ‘Certificate’ with ‘Grading Report’ in order to be more compliant with the globally adopted industry terminology. As no changes were made to our grading services and procedures, these new reports in no way discount the quality or integrity of any existing HRD Antwerp ‘Certificate’ on the market” Mr. Macken, continues.

Additionally the new reports also feature technical adaptations such as among other a new, highly durable and tear proof paper and advanced security features including a UV print, micro-line structures, micro-text and a hologram. The new Diamond Grading & Jewellery Reports will officially become available October 3, 2016.

Peter Macken, HRD Antwerp,