HRD Antwerp Opens New Drop-off Point in London

Antwerp: HRD Antwerp announced its expansion into the UK market with the opening of a new drop-off point in London’s Hatton Garden.

The supply of laboratory grown diamonds is ever increasing. As a result, jewellers are unknowingly selling jewellery which features a mix of natural and lab-grown diamonds. HRD Antwerp is pleased to announce a new service for jewellery grading to help combat this growing problem. The new London drop-off point will give UK jewellers easy access to HRD Antwerp’s services, including jewellery and diamond grading reports at very competitive rates. The comprehensive grading report will provide jewellers with peace of mind, reassuring them that all of their diamonds are indeed natural, and not laboratory grown.

“There are increasing amounts of laboratory grown diamonds available on the market” says David Ziegler, Commercial Director of HRD Antwerp. “In an industry where so much relies on trust, it’s essential that you safeguard your reputation by certifying that all of your diamonds are natural and untreated. A cost-effective grading report from HRD Antwerp is the most trusted and efficient way of ensuring all of your unmounted and mounted diamonds are 100% natural.”

The new drop-off point in London is designed to be convenient and easy to use. Loose diamonds and diamond jewellery can be brought or shipped to the London drop-off point. The diamonds are then sent to HRD Antwerp’s grading lab for comprehensive testing and grading, before being returned to London. Each unmounted diamond will be accompanied by a grading report which clearly specifies that the diamond is natural, and rates it against the 4Cs. Each diamond jewellery piece will be issued with a unique grading report specifying the same.