HRD Antwerp Inaugurates New office in Mumbai

Mumbai: HRD Antwerp officially inaugurated its new lab & office premises in Mumbai on Tuesday the 25th of April, in the presence of His Excellency Secretary of State for Foreign Trade of Belgium Mr. Pieter De Crem. This expansion underscores HRD Antwerp’s commitment to fundamentally strengthening the ties between the world’s leading diamond trading center – Antwerp – and the Bharat Diamond Bourse – the world’s largest diamond bourse.

“HRD Antwerp started its activities in India back in 2012, to provide faster and more convenient service to Indian diamond companies”, explains Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director of HRD Antwerp India. “The demand for HRD Antwerp services in India and worldwide has grown steadily over the years. We expect this growth to increase further, so we have invested in the latest technology and equipment to offer world class facilities to our customers. We also just re-launched our education program in India. We specifically chose the new premises in order to be closer to our customers: they are now about 5 min. walking distance from the Bharat Diamond Bourse.”

To celebrate the inauguration of their new office, HRD Antwerp is also offering exceptionally 5ct+ grading services this week, in fast and superfast service only.

The inauguration took place during the Economic Mission to Mumbai organized by the Flemish Chamber of Commerce (Voka), Flanders Investment and Trade and Brussels Airlines. The new direct flight from Brussels Airlines to Mumbai is highly welcomed by the Antwerp diamond industry, given that it accounts for 85% of all Belgian exports to India.

The new office and direct flights from Brussels to Mumbai will ensure that trade relations between the two centers will continue to improve.