HRD Antwerp Adjusting Parameters of Cut Grade

HRD_Logo_EAntwerp: HRD Antwerp is to adjust the proportion parameters of its Cut Grade, with changes taking place as of July 14.

The Belgian lab said it is making the move “in order to be more compliant with the market standard, while maintaining the highest-quality grading standards that HRD Antwerp is known for”.

“The HRD Antwerp Cut Grade is based on symmetry, proportion and polish. The most important change within the adjusted cut grade encompasses a revision of the proportion parameter. Whereas, previously a diamond was graded ‘very good’ on proportion, it is now possible for certain diamonds to achieve ‘excellent’, increasing the possibility to obtain an overall triple excellent grade.

Meanwhile, a new Cut Update Service provides an opportunity for clients to have their diamonds rechecked in order to possibly obtain a better grading. The cost of this special service will be charged regardless of the outcome of the recheck.