Gemeprice 4.0 Pricing System for G&J Released

Ramat Gan: Gemewizard has announced the release of GemePrice 4.0, the latest generation of the gem industry’s leading online dynamic price list and pricing system for colorless and colored diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

The new system comes with a range of exciting new features, as well upgrades of existing elements. These include second-color moderators for colored diamonds, more gemstone types, an improved jeweler’s station that enables an entire jewelry item to be priced, and an enhanced user experience through a completely new user-friendly interface, and more.

Like the earlier generations of the system, GemePrice 4.0 allocates prices to gems according to the color codes generated by Gemewizard. The system offers an exclusive solution to the international gems and jewelry market, displaying the exact color combination along with the price and relevant gem parameters.

The new version introduces a redesigned user interface, which is compatible with touch screen computers, tablets and smart phones. New visual guide rulers were added for transparency, clarity and cut grades in gemstones.

In the Gemstones Mode, new gem types were added to the list, color borders and grading rulers were refined and updated, and gemstone-treatment descriptions were revised to correspond to the AGTA-CIBJO-ICA coding system.

One of the most important additions is the option of a second color-moderator (e.g. brownish pink orange), which was added to the Colored Diamonds Mode, thus effectively expanding the number of fancy color combinations to more than 1,800.

New tools were added to the system, designed to improve the user experience. These include a color converter application, which allows the user to convert Gemewizard codes into equivalent GIA, Munsell and CIE LAB terminology, and also RGB and CMYK numerical values. This cross-industry tool provides the user with the means to communicate with colleagues and customers using his or her preferred color language.

Prices quoted by GemePrice 4.0 are generated and authenticated by an analysis of tens of thousands of fancy colored diamonds and gemstones, with a total value of more than $500 million, being offered for sale at any particular time on the Internet, as well as prices allocated by a panel of industry-renowned experts and real-time commercial data.

“Our goal in developing GemePrice 4.0 was to improve the user experience and also the accuracy of the application. Together with fancy diamond experts, our team has dedicated more than a year of research to create our unique second color-moderator engine, and to fine-tune existing grades and colors,” said Menahem Sevdermish, Gemewizard’s founder.

“When you have not more than minutes to determine the price of an item of jewelry set with diamonds and colored gemstones, you face what many would consider an overwhelming task,” Mr. Sevdermish continued. “The value of every stone is influenced by a variety of factors, each of which may significantly affect the price in a different way. But GemePrice 4.0 simplifies the process, providing accurate and current pricing data almost instantaneously. It is a very significant leap forward for the way we price our gems and jewelry.”