Gem-Lab GEMACYT Becomes HRD Antwerp Partner

Antwerp: Madrid-based GEMACYT Gemmological Laboratory has been appointed an HRD Antwerp Partner after more than 20 years of cooperation.

GEMACYT, which acts as an official sales agent for HRD Antwerp’s gemology courses and equipment and functioned as a drop-off point for diamonds and diamond jewelry to be certified by HRD Antwerp, has been accredited in jewelry certification by HRD Antwerp.

From September 2015, the GEMACYT lab in Madrid will be able to certify diamond jewelry and issue Diamond Jewellery Reports on behalf of HRD Antwerp.

“HRD Antwerp and GEMACYT have been working together for a long time now so we’re really excited to see this relationship has now evolved in an official partnership,” said Macken, CEO HRD Antwerp.

“Prior to receiving the accreditation, the GEMACYT staff has been trained in our facility in Antwerp so we’re fully confident the HRD Antwerp Jewellery Reports issued by GEMACYT adhere to the same high quality standard as the Jewellery Reports issued by the Diamond Lab in Antwerp.”

“Our laboratory in Madrid has been offering HRD Antwerp Jewellery Reports since 2010, but until now the jewelry pieces were sent to Antwerp for certification,” said Heraclio Besada, CEO GEMACYT.

“As the demand for this service increased significantly throughout 2014, it was decided to optimize the overall operation and perform the certification in Spain, eradicating the need to send the pieces to Antwerp and back.”