Frauds in Indian Banks

New Delhi: ICICI Bank topped the list of banks that witnessed most number of frauds during April-December period of 2016 with state-owned SBI in the second spot, according to Reserve Bank of India data.

Over 455 fraud cases involving Rs 1 lakh and above were detected in ICICI Bank during the first nine months of the current fiscal, followed by SBI with 429, Standard Chartered with 244 and HDFC Bank with 237.

Axis Bank with189, Bank of Baroda with 176 and Citibank with150 were among the other banks which reported large number of frauds.

But in terms of value, SBI topped the list with reports of Rs 2,236.81 crore worth fraud. Punjab National Bank reported Rs 2,250.34 crore fraud followed by Axis Bank which saw Rs 1,998.49 crore worth fraud.

According to the data provided by RBI to the Finance Ministry, it has also been revealed that a large number of fraud cases also involved bank staff.

While, 64 employees were reportedly involved in fraud cases, the number of fraud employees in HDFC and Axis Bank is 49 and 35 respectively.

A total of 450 employees were involved in fraud cases in different public and private sector banks during April-December 2016, in the 3,870 cases involving a total value of Rs 17,750.27 crore.