Fifth Israel Diamond Week in New York

IsdeRamat Gan: Building on past success, the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and the Diamond Dealers Club of New York (DDC) will be holding the fifth Israel Diamond Week in New York from October 31 – November 2, 2016. As in the previous events, the upcoming edition will be held on the trading floor of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, at 580 Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

IDE President Yoram Dvash said that following the positive climate for diamond sales evidenced at the recent JCK Las Vegas show, he has high expectations for Israeli diamond sales in U.S. markets. “The Israel Diamond Week in New York is a win-win deal for members of both bourses. Both DDC members, and the approximately 100 diamond traders of the IDE, will have free access to a wide range of goods, thereby enhancing their business potential. From past experience we know what the American market likes to buy and sell, and therefore we are confident that these goods will be available for the upcoming holiday season in the United States. We thank the management of the DDC in New York for the opportunity to recreate this successful event.”

DDC President Reuven Kaufman said that he was very pleased with the shared initiative. “Since we embarked on this joint venture, business ties between IDE and DDC members have improved tremendously. The synergy between the diamond trade of Israel and New York is immeasurable. Our goals are the same: to create the proper environment where the goods can be traded at the right price. We are confident that the industry as a whole can gain from the positive momentum that is propelled when our members come together at the show. With the positive trends we are seeing in the U.S. market today we are optimistic that this will be a great event.”

IDE President Dvash concurred: “All of the factors are pointing to a good holiday season in the U.S. The DPA has launched its new marketing campaign, which we hope will have a significant impact on younger consumers. We look forward to working very hard with our American colleagues to supply a growing demand for diamonds this Christmas,” he said.