Fascinating World of Diamonds…In Three Weeks

Bruce Cleaver

Gaborone: The past few weeks have proven to be a very significant time for the business for very different reasons.

I have found them to be immensely rewarding, encapsulating everything that makes the diamond sector so varied and so interesting. They have reminded me, if I needed reminding, how fascinating is the world of diamonds and how dedicated and interesting are the people who work in and around it.

First, at the beginning of September, we published our latest socio-economic impact report, focused on our operations in Canada. It highlights the economic impact De Beers’ activities have had over the more than 50 years we have been in the country.

Beginning with our first exploration programme in 1961, through to the opening of our newest mine just last month, we have been at the forefront of Canada’s diamond developments.

Pleasingly, this has helped bolster Canada’s position as third largest diamond-producing country in the world, by value, and has led to an estimated contribution of C$7.1 billion to the Canadian economy from De Beers’ activities in Canada over the past decade alone. (Read more)