EGL Asia and China's NGGC Renew Agreement

EGL ChinaRamat Gan: The Hong Kong-headquartered EGL Asia and NGGC, the state-owned, leading Chinese diamond grading laboratory, signed an agreement which renews and prolongs the close cooperation between the two institutions. The agreement was signed in Ramat Gan, Israel, during a visit of a Chinese delegation of representatives of the Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (SIMT) and NGGC.

The agreement prolongs an exclusive agreement according to which customers of the two laboratories who wish to receive a diamond grading certificate from both organizations can do so by paying only for the EGL Asia grading report. EGL Asia and NGGC also cooperate closely in a research project concerning the identification of synthetic diamonds.

Headed by SIMT president Professor Shao Li, the Chinese delegation visited Israel earlier in November while on a fact-finding visit of the diamond industry and trade. Prof. Shao was joined by Prof. Sheng Zuqiang, SIMT Senior Engineer, and NGGC’s Senior Engineer, Prof. Xie Qi Yao. They visited the Israel Diamond Exchange and toured a variety of manufacturing facilities as well as diamond grading labs in the exchange complex.

“This visit has been long coming,” Prof. Shao said. We’re extremely happy to have the opportunity to learn more about Israel’s diamond industry and in particular about the technological advances Israeli companies have introduced to the market.”

Prof Shao also praised the long-time cooperation with EGL Asia in greater China. “EGL Asia has been successful in adapting to and following the Chinese grading standards,” he noted.

“We are very proud to host such a high-brow Chinese delegation in Ramat Gan. It also was a wonderful opportunity to show them where EGL Asia started its operations and to renew and enhance the cooperative framework with our Chinese colleagues of NGGC,” said Joseph Kuzi, CEO of EGL Asia. “Of course, we are grateful for the warm welcome we received during our visit and meetings to the exchange.”