Dubai Precious Metals Conference on April 9-10

DDE-DMCC-DUAL-LOGODubai: The conference will have the participation of   miners, investors, engineers, asset managers and professional services representatives from across the precious metals sector. They will discuss the most relevant topics of note to the industry. “Held under the theme of ‘Connecting Markets’, the discussions will focus on the new era of global trade and how shifting geopolitics will impact the trade flows of precious metals,” DMCC said.

Putting the conference in context, DMCC elaborated, “Despite a challenging performance towards the end of last year, precious metals gained 11.71% over 2016, driven by economic volatility and political uncertainty in many regions of the world.  With many of these issues expected to continue unfolding amidst the context of higher interest rates and a stronger dollar, the outlook in 2017 for precious metals – a market worth over $300 billion globally – remains complex.”

Gautam Sashittal, CEO, DMCC commented, “2017 is likely to be an interesting year for precious metals, given shifting geopolitical sentiments. With Dubai as a leading hub for the gold and precious metals trade, DPMC provides key industry stakeholders a platform to connect and strengthen relationships across the value chain at a crucial time. DPMC has assembled a high calibre of panels and speakers who will provide unique insights into the market and stimulate discussions on how they can be best prepared to navigate the current business environment.”

The outlook for gold is of immense interest to all stakeholders and a continuing topic of discussion across global markets.  “Forecasts from the World Gold Council suggest that gold prices will rise due to growing demand from China and India – countries that accounted for more than half the global demand last year,” DMCC said.