DS Expanding Screening Services for Syn. Rough

Hong Kong: With evidence mounting about a surge in the volume of uncut synthetic diamonds entering the marketplace, Diamond Services has announced that it is expanding its synthetic screening service for rough diamonds at its facilities in Hong Kong and New York.

“The market has expressed an urgent need and we are responding,” said Joseph Kuzi, Diamond Services’ CEO and President. “In recent weeks there have been growing signs that the volume of synthetic rough diamonds flowing into the pipeline is rising significantly. Most goods appear to be of Chinese origin, and in sizes from one point up to three quarters of carat. What is particularly worrying is a definite rise in the incidence of synthetics stones in quite large parcels of rough diamonds, which its owners previously had assumed were all natural.”

Diamonds submitted for synthetic screening at Diamond Services facilities are tested, using among others the Diamatest®, which was developed by the company. It is a system that can test rough and polished diamonds, both mounted and unmounted.

“We have been providing comprehensive screening services for two years already to a growing clientele, but we right now are seeing particular demand among members of the rough diamond trade, who have a particular need to defend the integrity of their product,” Mr. Kuzi stated. “We are adapting our operation accordingly, so as to provide all our clients with accurate data, and also a fast turn-around time.”

Diamond Services synthetic screening services are currently available at the company’s headquarters in Hong Kong (19F Shing Lee Comm. Bldg., 8 Wing Kut St., Central, Hong Kong), and at its offices in the United States (1414 W. 15 St., New York City).

Diamond Services, which was established in 2012 in Hong Kong, specializes in development of synthetic diamond detection devices. In 2014 it introduced DiamaTest®, an innovative system that screens both loose and mounted diamonds of any size and shape for synthetics, for which it won the prestigious JNA 2014 Award. The mini Raman Spectrometer, which was released in 2015 following a successful trial in Surat, India, can definitively identify synthetic diamonds and meets the needs of both gem labs and private diamond-trading companies.