DPA Collaborates with Industry to Create New Occasion

Mumbai: Diamond Producers Association (DPA), the global alliance of leading diamond mining companies, is working with stakeholders in the industry to create a new occasion for diamond purchase.

Through consumer research, DPA discovered that 39% of Indians consider the birth of a child to be an auspicious occasion for purchase of jewellery. Basis this insight, the idea was to create an occasion specific and unique to diamond jewellery gifting and purchase. The birth of a child is perhaps the most authentic, precious and rare moment for any couple, as it is the day their bond strengthens further with parenthood. Only a gift that is as real, rare unique and precious as a diamond can commemorate the journey of this couple as they become a family. A diamond has many parallels to this celebration of life and hence DPA’s vision of “Celebrating the miracle of life with a miracle of nature”.
While DPA’s first campaign was a celebration of all the unacknowledged real & rare moments that make a couple realize their bond, the recently launched film acknowledges the changing relationship dynamic between a couple when two become three – a true celebration of the miracle of life with a miracle of nature.

To build this occasion DPA will launch a large marketing campaign spearheaded by the TVC, that beautifully delivers the message of celebration of life and is a natural progression from DPA’s first campaign on ‘Real is Rare’. Beginning with the launch of the TVC, the campaign will be leveraged across social media and in-store with retailer participation. Building this occasion with the industry will be DPA’s focus for the entire year.

Richa Singh, Managing Director, Diamond Producers Associationsaid, “I am delighted that everyone in the industry we have spoken with, believes in this idea and is willing to join hands with us to champion the initiative for promoting diamond purchase through the ‘New Mom Gift’. The celebration of life, in any Indian family, has always been an occasion calling for purchase of jewelry. And we believe that our endeavor to translate this moment for diamond purchase will resonate with people across the country. We are excited about our campaign as we have received a very positive response from our trade partners who are joining hands with us to promote this occasion and helgp drive diamond sales in India.”

Colin Shah, Vice-Chairman, GJEPC said, “ The diamond industry needed a new occasion to drive sales and enhance consumer confidence. This occasion is the perfect fit for diamond jewellery sale as the birth of a child is a universally celebrated moment across all cultures in our country, and is not seasonal in nature. Like Akshay Tritiya, this can be another occasion for giving this industry a boost and we look forward to making this a success with the DPA.”

Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels said, “The diamond industry needs to come together and steer a new occasion which is not only an important milestone but is also a perfect fit to be celebrated with a natural diamond. With building the occasion of diamond gifting around birth of a child, DPA has taken this much needed step for our industry to accelerate the consumer demand for Diamond Jewellery.”

Saurabh Gadgil, Owner, PN Gadgil Jewellers said, “Today, majority of consumers limit their diamond purchases to engagements and weddings because as an industry these are the occasions that we focus on. But we need to expand our horizons and promote multiple occasions which are the perfect fit to be celebrated with diamonds. This initiative by DPA is the ideal combination of the celebration of life with nature’s best gift.”