DPA Announces Senior Positions

Stephen Lussier

New York: The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has announced the appointments of Stephen Lussier as Chairman, Jim Pounds as Vice Chairman and Jean-Marc Lieberherr as Chief Executive Officer, all with immediate effect.

Stephen is Executive Vice President of Marketing at The De Beers Group of Companies, as well as Chief Executive Officer of its Forevermark brand. Jim is Executive Vice President, Diamonds, at Dominion Diamond Corporation and Jean-Marc is the former Managing Director of Rio Tinto’s diamond business.

Stephen, Jim and Jean-Marc will work closely with the other DPA members to develop the organization’s strategic approach as it focuses on meeting its core objectives. These include maintaining and enhancing consumer demand for and confidence in diamonds, providing a reliable source of industry information and communicating the role and contribution of diamond producers to the diamond sector and broader society.

Stephen said, “Diamonds are nature’s most precious treasures and it is a real privilege to have the opportunity to tell the world their story. I look forward to working together with Jim, Jean-Marc, Sally Morrison and all of the team to ensure that the diamond dream grows ever stronger”.

Jean-Marc said, “I am a looking forward to working with diamond producers and all other industry stakeholders to build an even stronger, more resilient diamond sector. It is key to the prosperity and livelihood of millions of families the world over and as such it is an exciting and rewarding endeavour”.