Dominion to Hold Viewings of Diamonds in Mumbai

Mumbai: Dominion Diamond Marketing N.V., a subsidiary of Dominion Diamond Corporation, will conduct viewings of its rough diamond sales parcels at the Special Notified Zone (SNZ) located within the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai beginning in February 2016, reports JNA.

Viewing dates for 2016 are as follows: 1-6 February; 7-12 March; 4-9 April; 23-28 May; 20-25 June; and 1-6 August.

Dominion Diamond Marketing will make available a range of its rough diamond sales parcels for inspection at the SNZ facility in the Bharat Diamond Bourse. After the completion of the viewing process, the tender/auction will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, and invoices will be generated by Dominion Diamond Marketing.

In order to participate in the viewings and tender, it is mandatory that the interested organization complete Dominion Diamond Marketing’s Know Your Client (KYC) form.

Those who want to participate in the viewings in India may contact either Peggy Kauch at (Tel: + 32 3201 1090) or Nasim Choudhary at (Tel: +91 22 2675 5152) to obtain copies of the KYC forms and book viewing appointments.